When we saw the blog post from Facebook 1 day ago that they are now allowing Instagram publishing via their API, we couldn't be more excited.
Automatic Instagram Story publishing has been the #1 most requested feature in Pallyy since we launched, and due to this we had already built the core functionality ready for the day they launched it.
So, today we're happy to say that Pallyy is the first social media management platform to launch automatic Instagram story publishing!
Here's how to publish a Story automatically:
  1. Start creating a new post, or open up an existing one
  2. Change the post type to "Story (auto)" and save
That's it. You post will be published to your Instagram Stories automatically, no push notifications needed, ever again!
Story Publishing Limitations
  • Images must be less than 8MB
  • Videos must be less than 100MB & between 4 & 60 seconds.
  • Maximum posts 25/day (includes regular posts)
This is a game changer. Seriously.
You can now use our AI caption generator to create captions in YOUR tone & format, or if you're scheduling for a client, in THEIR tone & format.
ChatGPT API launched 1 day ago (yes, we're quick!) which means we can train it with your existing posts. The AI learns how you create posts, the format & tone and uses this to generate a new caption based on your description, that sounds like YOU!
And it's crazy good.
You can even leave the description section blank to get new ideas based on your existing posts...
We've just added a an integration with Unsplash & Pexels that you can use to search & upload royalty free images directly into your Pallyy account in seconds.
Just click "Upload Media" from your media library, then select Unsplash or Pexels. Type in your query and then upload to your social set ready for publishing!
*This feature is only available on our premium plan.
When using Unsplash we recommend crediting the author in your caption
First off, we'd like to thank everyone for using our new AI caption generator while it was in BETA. In the first few weeks it's generated more than 24,000 captions for our users, which is far more than we anticipated, so thank you!
From today, the AI caption generator is now officially live and to keep it sustainable we're introducing a affordable unlimited add-on for $19/month, which can be added from your subscriptions page (look for the AI captions add-on) and will give you unlimited generations across all of your social sets and users.
This special launch price won't be around forever, so we recommend locking it in while you can!
  1. How to add the AI Captions Add-On
  2. How to generate captions with AI
If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it.
PS. If you only need a few you can still generate up to 5 per month for free.
That's right - the AI is here (to help)! 🤖
You can now generate captions directly from your Pallyy dashboard with AI, and you'll be surprised how good it is, seriously!
You can use the caption as the AI creates it, or just use it to come up with ideas - it's up to you.
during the beta phase this is available at no cost, but we do plan on charging for it in the future.
Here's how to use it:
Simply start creating a new post, then click on the little robot icon in the caption section and select "Generate caption with AI":
Next, type in a description or just a few keywords describing what you want the caption to be about and click
You can also set the tone, change the length (short or long), and even add hashtags to it.
The AI will generate 3-4 caption ideas, which you can view by clicking the back/forward buttons under the caption.
If you'd like to use the caption again, select a list otherwise click add caption to apply it to your post.
We'd love your feedback!
How are you finding it, do you think we should add anything to it, got another AI idea? Send us a message and let's chat.
Just a quick note that the Pallyy dashboard is now located at - so update your bookmarks!
If you try to access the old one you will automatically be redirected to the new one. Everything is still the same, we've made this change to help improve the dashboard speed going into the future.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
📱 Post Previews
See how your posts will look once posted on each social platform. You can see all post types including stories, carousels, links and more.
📤 Download & copy caption
When a post is ready to be posted, you can open it up & download the media & copy the caption to your clipboard. This is perfect for manual posts if you don't want to use the app & push notification (we will send you an email with a direct link).
💹 Analytics
  • Stories UI updated so you can see more on the same page
  • Customize columns button added to Facebook posts in analytics section
  • New preset date option "last 2 years" to main date selector
  • Same date option added to custom date selector in the report section
  • Report custom date selector now has no limits - so can be longer than 89 days
  • Improved the bio link insights table UI
📅 Calendar (dashboard)
  • Notes added to the week view
  • Added a button to toggle the icons on media in the grid view
  • List view will auto scroll to todays date when the posts load
📅 Calendar (shared client view)
  • Can now resize the post window from the button in the top left
  • Click on tagged users in Facebook and LinkedIn captions to open their profile in a new tab
  • Click links to open the link in a new tab
  • See post previews for all social platforms
  • See the instagram first comment
  • Copy caption button (under the caption for each social)
  • Download media & copy caption button added to header of post window
  • Added a button to toggle the icons on media in the grid view
⏱ Scheduling window
  • If you have unsaved changes we now prompt you to save before closing
  • Better social toggle UI on mobile that takes less space
  • Changed the design of the lock & saved times buttons, they now slide in from right
  • Animations added to improve the performance of the slide when opening
  • Added width, height, x, y and aspect ratio values to the cropping window
🦥 Other
  • Feedback: team comments can now be deleted from posts.
  • Tiktok scheduling: added limitation video must be more than 3 seconds & less than 60 seconds to schedule.
  • Emails: for users with more than 1 social set, it will automatically switch to the social set then open the post from the link in the email
  • Other: better UI in the upgrade modal
  • Issue with scheduling posts on the free plan, has been fixed.
  • Team feedback is now scrollable so you can use the mouse instead of arrows keys.
  • Some team comments weren't deleting, has been fixed.
  • Post preview carousels didn't scroll on safari, has been fixed.
  • IG Post count was slightly off, has been fixed.
  • Date resetting on page change has been fixed. Will persist over pages & social set changes.
  • Label filter not applying to some widgets, has been fixed and applied to all on the post page.
  • Bio link insights table wasn't showing grid item clicks, has been fixed.
  • Date selector wasn't showing on bio link insights page, fixed.
  • Note dates weren't updating every time, has been fixed.
  • Story media was disappearing from inbox even though it was < 24 hours old, has been fixed.
  • Sometimes images were being "over cropped" when cropping with our built in cropper, has been fixed.
  • Removed the cover image slider as it was buggy, now you can just pause the video instead. Updated the text to explain how.
  • You can now mark all notifications as read/unread.
  • Grid view (in the calendar) to re-arrange your scheduled posts.
  • Grid view for the shared calendar, with approvals & comments
  • Bulk actions in the Grid view. Change posts to draft, scheduled or locked in bulk.
  • Label filter for shared calendar. Add ?label= and then the label id to your shared calendar URL to only show posts with a certain label
  • Better messaging for failed tiktok posts.
  • Media library is now resizable. Click & drag to resize, double click to hide.
  • Draft window is now resizable. Click & drag to resize, double click to minimize/maximise.
  • "Lock" feature added to grid
  • Post type icons added to "month" view.
  • Added lock feature to post editing window (next to the date)
  • Additional filter on the grid to hide unlocked posts
  • Re-added the minimize media library button
  • Fixed bug with grid dates not swapping
  • Fixed dragging media onto grids as it wasn't working every time
  • Removed chat button when on grid/list view as it gets in the way
  • Group selection wasn't updating after changing group. Has been fixed.
1. Bulk Actions
Now you can easily update multiple posts at the same time via the grid view. Just select the posts you would like to change with the checkbox in the top left corner, and then apply a bulk action.
Bulk actions available are:
  • Change to schedule
  • Change to draft
  • Lock
  • Unlock
2. Lock Schedule Date
To keep your grid in the correct order we've added a "lock feature to the grid view. Just toggle the lock icon and it will lock the schedule date so that when you move other grid items, the locked ones will always stay put!
Today we're launching our brand new social inbox! 🥳
You can manage & reply to all of your comments, DM's, mentions, reviews from all social platforms.
Here's just a handful of things the can be done with the social inbox:
  • Reply to all messages, comments, mentions.
  • Like, hide, retweet comments where possible
  • Mark threads as read/resolved
  • Add labels & team members
  • Create automations for incoming messages (add labels, members etc)
  • View a users past comments, messages
Get started by enabling your socials from the social inbox page here.
A few things to note:
  • The inbox starts getting your comments from the point you enable it (we don't pull historical data).
  • If enabling it fails, refresh your social connections from the social sets page and try again.
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