Follow up on the latest improvements andย updates.


Pallyy's shared calendar has been re-built from the ground up.
Although it looks pretty similar (you may not even notice the difference), we've fixed a lot of bugs and made it much more reliable, making it even easier for your clients to use.
The shared calendar is now an (almost) exact replica of what you see in your Pallyy dashboard.
We've also added few new extra features in:
A simple welcome guide
When you land on the new calendar for the first time you'll see a welcome guide with a few images and descriptions of how it works. This should make it easier for your clients to get started.
Clients can add their name
Previously if your client approved a post or left a comment it would say "client via shared calendar", however now you must add a name when leaving comments which will show in your post activity making it easier to understand who did what.
Easier to use on mobile
We've made sure all views are usable on mobile, including the month view. You can even hide weekends to give yourself more space.
Always up-to-date
Previously the data could be old unless you refreshed the page. Now all data is up to date in real time which means no missed comments or updates.
What's next?
We're planning a few other features around this shared calendar, so if you have any suggestions please send them through to us ASAP. Everything will be considered.
And of course if you have feedback, we'd also love to hear it.
New month view
We've just launched a new and improved month view to the calendar. It may look similar, but there's a few great improvements:
  • it's much faster to load your posts
  • it's much easier to use on mobile (we group posts by day)
  • you can click anywhere on a day cell to create a post or note
  • more reliable drag and drop
  • "create new" button is in the top right (makes more sense here)
  • you can hide weekend days to get more space
Hide weekends
Do you post only on weekdays? Now you can choose to "hide weekends" in your monthly calendar view to enjoy a bigger, full-screen view of your content strategy.
Here's how to do it:
  • Go to your Scheduling calendar
  • Click on "Settings"
  • Choose the option to "show" or "hide weekends"
Improved publishing rates
We have also made changes behind the scenes to how we publish posts to all social media platforms.
These changes make our systems more robust and easier to find and fix issues but more importantly it has improved our publishing rates.
New features coming soon
  • new week view
  • new list view
We hope you enjoy this update!
We've just launch a brand new media uploading widget.
The new widget is quite a bit different, in terms of flow, look and features however it's a much more stable option that will ensure your media is uploaded properly, every time.
You can also now upload media directly from the following sources:
  • Your device or camera
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Unsplash
  • Canva
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • From a URL link
Storage limits UI
We've also added a way to see how much media you have stored. These limits have always been in place however we've never had a good way to display them.
You can now see exactly how much you've used towards your total and monthly limits.
Pallyy's bio link tool has had a make-over.
We've re-designed the UI to make it easier to understand and use, and also added a ton of new features to make your bio link even better.
Things we've added:
  • change your profile pic (or remove it)
  • change the title
  • add a description to the page
  • change the URL of your page
  • add grid buttons with images from your library
  • add images to your buttons easily
We hope you like it!
If you have any questions, we're happy to help - just send us a message via the live chat.
your bio link will still work the same as it did before, you don't have to change anything
Pallyy's new and improved navigation is now live.
The new navigation layout has been designed to be easier to use, as well as giving you more room to do the more important things like scheduling, checking your analytics and more.
What's changed?
  1. We've remove the top navigation and merged it into the left navigation so that we can have full height content on the right. This helps a lot when scheduling as we can now see more of the calendar.
  2. The left navigation has changed from 2 columns to just 1, which again gives more space on the right. It's also easier to navigate with less clicks, and to understand where you are at a glance.
  3. The social sets menu has moved to the top left, which is always visible.
  4. It's collapsible (little button next to the social set menu) so that you can get a full screen view of your calendar or any other feature you're using.
  5. The background colour has changed slightly to a light grey to make it stand out less, and help you focus on what matters (the main content).
We hope you like it, and if you have any feedback we'd love to hear it! ๐Ÿ™
Just a quick message to thank all of you (our amazing customers) for your support during 2023.
This was Pallyy's biggest year to date and we're (yes, there's more than just one person on the team now) excited to keep taking Pallyy to the next level with new features, improvements and more.
Towards the end of last year we hired our first full-time staff member (other than myself), Gabrielle. He's a developer with over 15 years experience building all kinds of web apps.
He'll be helping to make Pallyy easier to use, work on feature requests and lots more.
Going into the new year we have a few things in the works.
We're re-designing a few UI elements like the settings pages (which is live now), navigations (coming soon) and anything that will make Pallyy easier to use.
We're also working on re-developing the bio link feature which is around 80% done which will bring a whole lot of new features like being able to change all images, create your own grid, change the URL, title, add a description, change the profile picture and more.
On top of these changes we're working on re-developing a lot of Pallyy's core features behind the scenes, like media uploading, scheduling and more but this will happen over the course of the year.
Anyway, we hope you're enjoying Pallyy and look forward to working together through 2024. If you have any feedback at all, we would love to hear it.
๐Ÿ’• The Pallyy Team
From today, Pallyy's pricing will be increasing by $3 per social set ($15 to $18) for all users.
Throughout the last 3 years I've been constantly adding new features without increasing pricing, or adding more expensive plans.
Some of the features include:
  • Story scheduling
  • Carousel scheduling
  • Social inbox
  • Grid planner
  • Teams
  • much more
By raising the price just a small amount, it will allow me to expand the team, add more features, and grow Pallyy into the future.
Your support is appreciated and if you have any questions about the increase, feel free to reach out to me directly.
Best Regards,
These new media related features will make your life much easier by allowing you to organize your media in a much better way.
๐Ÿ“‚ Sub-Folders
You can now add folder into folders in your media library to stay more organized. You can also move existing folders into folders.
Add new sub-folder
To add a new sub-folder just open your folder, then from the top "New+" button add a new folder. It will be nested inside this folder.
Move existing folder into a folder
To move an existing folder into a folder you can either:
  • hover a folder, click the "
    " then select
  • open a folder, then click the folder name and select
๐Ÿ”ƒ Media Sorting
You can also now sort media & folder in the media library.
Just click the sort button above the media and select either
. When sorting, folders will always appear first.
You can now make your notes recurring!
Great to create recurring content plans, or events.
Just choose an interval and how many times you want it to repeat for eg. Weekly on Thursday for 20 weeks.
Tag people in Instagram Reels
You can now tag users in Instagram Reels. Just look for the "Tag People" button when you've selected a Reel post type.
Tag locations in Instagram carousels
To tag locations just create a carousel and look for the location search field under the caption section. Start typing your location and it will be added to your carousel.
Add bio link URL to Instagram Reels
If you're using our bio link tool you can now add the bio link URL when scheduling a Reel. Just look for the bio link URL field, add your link and it will be live as soon as your post is.
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